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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  November 4, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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because of this studdy. it is significant. cancer, lung cancer is the mum one killer whit comes to cancer, about 160,000 americans each year are killed by lung cancer. and that is more than the next four cancers combined. this is a computerized tomografy of the lungs of a 71-year-old former smokier. the image may have saved his life. now, a study suggests ct scans may be a powerful tool in early lung cancer detection. the study randomly followed 53,000 current or former heavy smokers over a three-year period, the death rate was in the hundreds but the group monitored by ct scans saw 20% fewer deaths than those screened using standard x ray. dr. billy lou is a cancer specialist at stanford
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university. >> process gres has been slow in terms of improvements. so, a 20% difference in survival from lung cancer deaths is a major find oogt conclusion is that a three dimensional scans are more effective in detention, offering more opportunities to treat the tumor at an earlier stage. premier scan is an independent imaging facility. operators say the cost of a lung ct scan runs from 150ses today $350. about twice the cost of an x ray and often, not covered by insurance. >> it acts as a deterrent to patients. it should be something that everybody considers being a means of saving money in the long run. >> dr. lou he's sez more study is needed. he emphasizes a study focused on benefits of the technology for heavy smokers. >> make sure that this is a
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population at high yuf risk that finding cansers outweighs risks of doing the ct scan. >> this radiation is low dose. and there are other factors to c namely false positives which can trigger a lot of alarm and additional, unnecessary testing. >> it's fascinating research. coming up at 5:30, abc explains how this study will impact the screening and treatment of lung cancer. >> tomorrow, former bart police officer will learn whether he goes to prison for a long time for the shooting death of an unarmed passenger. mehserle convicted of shooting oscar grant new year's day, 2009. the judge could sentence mehserle to 14 years or less or give him probation.
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and there is families on both sides very anxious now. >> disappointment for oscar grant's family. we learn that had they're hoping to have as many as five, or six people speak at tomorrow's hearing. today they told us they were told they can only have three. now, they'll be grant's mother, his fiancee, and just one uncle. >> for whatever the reason the judge made the decision that... >> on the eve of mehserle's sentencing oscar grant's family is crying foul because they say a los angeles judge is limiting victim impact statements at friday's hearing. grant's uncle appeared on "7 live". >> we've been informed the impact statements that we thought as a family we would be able to give has been reduced to three. >> grant's family wants the jentsed to the maximum, 14 years in state presidenton. a jury found him guilty of
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involuntary manslaughter for the shooting death of grant. mehserle's attorney wants a new trial saying there is new evidence from a 2008 case in kentucky where a police officer shot shun after mistaking a gun for a yellow taser. the same kind of mehserle's, holstered the same way. mehserle's attorney wants the judge to throw out the gun enhancement in the case. one that could extend the jents by up to 10 years. >> if it was error, for the judge to even instruct the jury they can find the gun enhancement to be true on an involuntary case. because the jury in order to convict of involuntary manslaughter had to make a determination that he did not intond draw, and fire a firearm. >> after four months in a los angeles county jail, mehserle's defense team wants the judge to grant probation w out the gun enhancement, the
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probable possible term is two, three, or four years. >> i think there is a likelihood mehserle could spend sometime in prison. and in order to avoid advise on -- prison the trial judge has to find this case presents unusual circumstances. >> now, our legal analyst points out that if a judge gives mehserle probation, it doesn't mean that he will get no jail time for instance, the judge could give mehserle as a condition of the probation, more time in the county jail, up to a year and three members of grant's family, we're expecting mehserle to give a brief, brief statement n los angeles laura anthony, abc 7 news oakland police aren't preparing for possible protests tomorrow after the sentencing. the chief said ze not expect unruly behavior. the downtown station is boarded up anyway.
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and mehserle's guilty verdict resulted in looting and numerous arrests. chief bass says only one group has taken out a perm dwroit hold a large gathering. >> if they become disfunkal, we'll move in, remove those causing a problem, then make sure the crowd continue was their orderly assembley. >> a lot of it depends on how the police handles this situation. and how are you going engage with the community? how you engage will set the stone for what happens next. >> this chief says oakland plans to call on officers for help if needed. now, as soon as we know results of the sentencing torj we'll bring you live coverage here on abc 7 news. >> we have developments in the case against the antioch couple accused of kidnapping
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jaycee dugard. a judge is hearing whether phillip garrido is competent to stand trial. he claims the case is high profile and may make it doifl get a fair trial locally. >> san pablo police know the identity of an abandoned 18-month-old boy after his mother turned herself in. sondra samuel notified police after seeing news reports about her son. detectives say the 40-year-old mother dropped her son off in this neighborhood and took off in a taxi yesterday morning. leaving the child himself. the boy doesn't know anyone in that area apparently. police believe the mother happened to be there and decided to abandon her son. >> basically she's telling us she felt she was unfit mother and that someone else would be able to care for the child better than her. >> the boy remains in the care of child and family services. samuel has an arrest record but police refuse to give
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details about that. she could face several years in prison if convicted. >> two people died after a high-speed chase ended with a crash on the streets of east oakland this morning began when the patrol tried to stop a speeding bmw. the bmw's 19-year-old driver refused to stop. officers backed up from the pursuit. the driver sped along mcarthur boulevard. the bmw slammed into an suv and both died. officer arrived and tried to help. >> the vehicle started to catch on fire. and so officers were trying to get them out of there. and ambulance came, able to take the driver to highland hospital. we believe he is pronounced dead. >> the chp insists waits not chasing the bmw whit crashed and officers don't know where the -- why the driver refused to stop. >> a woman riding her bicycle in san mateo county was killed
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but crashed with a big rig. westbound alpine road under interstate 280 is still closed. officers continue to investigate how this happened. there is sky 7 flew over the scene. and the detour is causing a big back up now. this woman believed to be in her 30s. >> the contra costa sheriff's zeptz drunk driving may have caused a collision near mount diablo. two drivers suffered minor injuries. one was life flighted to the hospital. the road so dangerous caltrans he installed center divideor strips. and there is still a caused for a raised barrier. >> on a positive note this afternoon a national chain opened its first ever location in san francisco today, offering jobs to new neighbors. the mayor and supervisor led the ceremonial bird cutting to
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open a new lowe's. this store opened on a site that had been vacant. the new lowe's employing 200 people, and half of those jobs will be going to residents of the surrounding area including bay view,. >> stocks surged today on news that the fed is buying $600 billion in u.s. treasury bonds. and the dow is up 220 points. the nasdaq jumping 37 points. and both are at, or near their high marks for the year. >> there is abc news learned outgoing house speaker nancy pelosi is considering staying on as minority leader in the next congress. she must step down as houser as democrats lost their majority. now, high level sources say
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pelosi has been calling every democratic house member who won on election day in order to gauge how much support she has. north carolina representative heath shuler, a member of the blue dog coalition atestimonied to challenge minority position if she does decide to run. >> more to get to here. coming up a warning from michael finney. yu shouldn't file for preholiday sales. >> also, pictures from launched years ago being transmitted back to earth. >> and here on earth, mild weather is going hang on just a little bit longer the rain coming in this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and from phantom to painter. why the actor who had the longest run infant yom of the opera is not quitting
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>> closed captioning brought to
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you by mancini sleepworld. look at that. a passenger shot this video of tapeor on a flight from singapore to sydney there. is a tense 95 minutes as pilots dumped fuel before making an emergency landing. all of the 459 passengers and crew were able to leave that double deck craft safely. parts of the engine and cover rained down on a thickly populated indonesian island knox injuries were reported, quantitias ground the fleet until experts figure out what caused the failure. >> and a space probe launched five years ago completed a fly buy today. these pictures were beamed
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back showing a long peanut-shaped collection of rock and ice with jets of gas erupting. part of the mission to determined the make up of the comet's nucleus. >> the scientific work is just beginning now. the engineer dz a fantastic job of getting us data. now, we have to make sense of it to advance the science. >> partly includes united states grants and 10 times more from this and about to be here here in and here is michael finney. >> and. >> and there is an interesting holiday season. our partners at consumer reports issued a word of caution about discounts that
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aren't as big as retailers might claim. best buy is having a prethanksgiving sale this weekend. the magazine says some of the promised discounts are based on manufactures suggested retail price and not the price that the store has been charging. and there is a blue play player might have a true savings of $10 according to consumer reports. other discounts were better including a camcorder being sold for $175. and bottom line, consumer reports says it will scrutinize sales of other retailers as it goes through the holiday shopping season. and if you answered ads on craig's list there is an example of how careful you've got to be. let me show thu guy here. he had the most frightening day of his life answering an ad offering rims for his classic car. he arrived at at dress three
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thieves had him up in gun point, stole cash, car, and he says his best friend, an english bull dog in the back of the car he took the gun put it in my mouth. i didn't care nothing else but the dog, man. i can't explain to you by relationship with my dog. >> so if you answer an ad on craig's list, you heard it before. you need to meet in a public place this, victim is offering a $2,000 reward for the dog and is advertising on craig's list. >> what a shame. >> horrible. >> thanks for the warning. >> and moving on, singer and actor frank denvorgio remembered as the longest-running phantom infant yom of the opera history. he has become a painter. >> and a while back, one day i
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didn't do it. next day, i did. >> there is an unexpected turn of artistic expression. that hasn't changed. but this has, frank, the painter using an unusual technique starting with layers of color. >> i take paint off. the moment i know when it's off, then whirkts feels right i know i'm done. it looks like this should be texture but there is not. exactly. because i hit this so many times with a pose hoes. >> two pieces are a tribute to his co-star lisa broman. >> she'd shees bigger than life. >> here, he wrote prayer after prayer. ending with a huge amen. >> this is part of the "m".
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>> frank started to post on facebook. that piqued interests of the owners of the art house gallery. >> he wrote back "we need to talk". >> this show of the result, will be here through december 23. the art is selling and he's been commissioned to do pieces. he acontribute united states his theater training. >> and there is discipline that a ply to the art work. >> and not going to give up the grease. >> this is his version of the music of the night. >> another gorgeous day. we're going to hang ton going
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to run cooler tomorrow. so pop loor we thought we'd keep it coming there is a and there is a view from our camera. filtered sunshine but that didn't stop temperatures from going up. coastal areas. there is mid to upper 70s today there is bayside communities into 80s. and and mild weather holds again, tomorrow, cooling down over the weekend. rain arrives sunday. there is a picture, high pressure still controlling weather. just drifting overhead. the thing with this system is that it's supposed to bring us rain friday night. it's splitting up, watch what happens. this is going to miss up.
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it staurts to turn east moving into southern california for friday night into saturday. it's not going to get here. we're going see clouds on saturday. and we'll call it partly cloudy skies and dry for saturday. a little bit cooler sunday, much cooler. and this system brings us rain sunday. we'll need umbrellas sunday. if making plans, rain is out of the forecast. it's going to be dry. overnight a mild night. 60 in san francisco. and there is most of the bay area into 50s tonight. there is high clouds z and tomorrow, afternoon, upper 70s into the south bay. and cupertino, los gatos, 77 in santa clara. there is a coastal areas going come down a few degrees. 71 in pacifica. there is sunset district, low 70s, beautiful in downtown
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again, mid-70s. and into north bay, you'll see numbers into 70s. there is sunshine, and occasional clouds, mid-70s around hayward and oakland. danville, 77 degrees, 80 in livermore and around the bay. temperatures running warmer than where you should be. there is up to 84 inland in hol lifter. low 70s to low 80s tomorrow, cooler saturday. sunday, much cooler, only 60s for areas and rain arriving sunday. sunday at 2:00 a.m. daylight savings time ends. we've gotten an hour of sleep if you're counting. >> you're looking at another possibility of rain tuesday. >> this is your favorite day of the year? >> it is. i wait for this. >> you need three hours. >> that is right. >> thank you very much. >> and still ahead, the reward
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is growing for those responsible for doing this. >> who would do such can a smartphone be its own guardian angel ? can it keep an eye out for itself,
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you can see
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reward has been increased to find someone capturing sea gulls then collaring them with sea gulls. one bird found at fisherman's wharf. two groups wild rescue and international bird rescues organization are asking for help now finding whoever is doing something so mean and stupid. there is a reward of $2,000. the group as tempting to rescue one of the gulls tomorrow. and of course, harming birds is a federal crime. >> oh, goodness just awful. >> and we have something for you. coming up next, how a game of baseball turned into a remarkable discover rye old mine in northern california. that story is in just a moment
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new at 6:00 thousands of uncounted ballots remain from tuesday's election. the once bay area congressional races hangs in the balance. and who will take over when san francisco's mayor becomes california's lieutenant governor is in the battle lines being drawn at city hall. and why the valuable player of the world series may not be return together giants dugout next year. it's coming up in half an hour on the news at 6:00. >> that is great. thank you. >> and a group of kids discovered a long-abandoned gold mine in sierra foot hils about. >> by nearly falling into the thing saying they started to give way while they're playing baseball. >> the grounds keeper uncovered a mine shaft. >> experts say it could go down hundreds of feet. >> it's goinging to be dug up and plugged with concrete and the kids are


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